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Venlo Logistics Centre to incorporate 11,000 sqm of solar panel

Monday, 06 May 2019

Goodman has just finished installing 11,000 sqm of solar panels on the roof of the Venlo Logistics Centre. This enormous surface, which is bigger than the size of a football field, will generate 755,000 kWh of green energy every year.

The installation of these solar panels falls under Goodman’s ambitious sustainability strategy. Jeroen Gerritsen, Business Development Manager for Goodman Netherlands: “We are committed to upholding a long-term sustainability-centric relationship with our customers and stakeholders.”

750,000 kWh per year

The brand new solar panels are made up of 2,606 PV-modules, which have a total power capacity of 795 kWp. They will produce more than 750,000 kwH of green energy per year, which is comparable to the average energy consumption of 41 families. As such, they will also avert the emission of 433 tons of CO2.

Sustainable philosophy

Goodman’s sustainability strategy is based on three pillars. The first one is the general future-focused vision, which entails the preparation of buildings for the changing future. Think for instance of technological innovation, evolution and sustainability trends. During the first development phase, roofs are constructed such that they can effortlessly support the weight of a potential installation of solar panels.

Ensuring that buildings are ‘future proof’ also entails the usage of sustainable energy. This is why Goodman uses future-focused energy-solutions as much as possible. These can be led lighting motion sensors, qualitative insulation and electric charging stations. 

The final pillar in Goodman’s philosophy underlines the aspiration to implement data intelligence. Doing so would lead to more accurate insights in the abundance of available information, which in turn would result in improved efficiency and sustainability.

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