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Uber Freight. The solution for empty trucks?

Monday, 13 May 2019

Uber Freight. The solution for empty trucks?

Uber is launching Uber Freight for trucks in the Netherlands

The Netherlands will be the first country in Europe to be offering the Uber Freight service. This service operated by Uber, which was launched in the US just two years ago, is establishing links between transport companies and available truck drivers.

The purpose of the Freight service is to make it easier for companies to find truck drivers. As for the truck drivers, they will find it easier to find driving assignments. During the initial phase, Uber Freight will be collaborating with transport companies, dispatchers and drivers. However, as soon as the network will be up and running, the service will be made available on an app, comparable to the ‘normal’ Uber service.


More efficient freight transport

Uber is emphasising that Uber Freight is not only targeting small, independent transport companies, but also the large-scale transport and distribution companies. According to the American freight service, no less than 20% of all heavy goods vehicles travel without any freight on board, and there is a big demand for drivers on the European market. Uber Freight firmly believes that they can resolve both of these problems in one fell swoop.

Uber Freight is not expected to restrict its services purely to the Dutch road network. In the long term, the company also aims to introduce its freight service to other European countries so as to provide international transport services.