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The success of logistics company Patrans

Tuesday, 10 September 2019



A good location has always been one of the key factors in the success of logistics company Patrans. In collaboration with Goodman, they found the perfect spot for their warehouse back in 2012. It’s here in Mechelen, that Patrans was able to grow into the complete logistics company they are today.

“Patrans is a transport company, but we also offer services with an added value”, says Bart Comyn, general manager since 1998. “On top of delivering a product, we also take care of installation and extra services. For instance, when we replace office coffee machines, we make sure the machines are 100% ready to use. That means connecting the machine, checking the water hardness, installing the filter and finally adding the coffee.”

Easy to find

Since Patrans works for clients across the country, the location of their warehouse has a big impact on the company’s efficiency and productivity. “Our central location in Mechelen is very important to us. Not just for our clients and suppliers, but for our own people as well. Being close to the Brussels and Antwerp ring way, makes us easy to reach and enables our transporters to move quickly.”

The warehouse is primarily used as a cross dock and a depot, mainly for Coca Cola cooling machines. It also holds a workshop, where damaged coolers can be fixed by specialized technicians. “We chose this warehouse because it offered everything we needed”, Comyn says. “It was modern, had sufficient loading docks and was available right away. In addition, Goodman even offered to freshen up the offices for us. It’s a great place to work, we really love it here.”