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Giving a second life to brownfield sites

Instead of developing greenfield land, we have chosen to revitalise brownfield sites to limit our impact on the environment and avoid sealing new soil.  

Quick fact

Since 2015, at least 50% of our properties have been on brownfield land. Our goal? Develop 100% brownfield land by 2021, and if not, invest in projects that protect biodiversity and reinforce ecosystems within the local region.

Pre-loved land

A brownfield site refers to any previously developed land — either industrial or commercial — that is not currently being used. The land often needs to be sanitised and revitalised before new development is possible, as it might have been contaminated with hazardous waste in the past.

Our goal: develop 100% brownfield sites

If ever we do develop greenfield land, we undertake to invest €1 per sqm in organisations that protect the biodiversity in the region and commit to making a carbon footprint assessment, which will lead to an action plan that reduces carbon emissions.

Conserve resources

We have extensive experience in recovering and depolluting sites to make them fit for purpose and ready to answer the needs of our customers. This includes improved water management and infrastructure, which delivers benefits to the site itself and the surrounding community. As important, developing a brownfield site also generates jobs where people live, enabling employees to come to work on foot, by bike, or via public transport. 

Near urban areas

Brownfield locations tend to be close to highly populated areas, which is where our customers’ customers are to be found. It’s also in places where we anticipate more than two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to live by 2050*. This is good for everyone, as to be more efficient, our properties need to be near consumers and key infrastructure.
*Source: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 2018


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