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Minimsing our environmental impact

At Goodman we’re focused on building a sustainable business for the long term, one that benefits our customers and delivers returns for our investors, while creating a better world and a better planet.

Compensating our impact

The targets set out in our 2030 Sustainability Strategy are deliberately ambitious. We are committed to becoming carbon neutral and using 100% renewable energy in our operations by 2025. We know achieving our goals won’t be easy, but if our targets were anything less, we wouldn’t be aiming high enough.

To achieve our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025, we use the most sustainable technologies and materials available across our developments.

However, some embodied carbon emissions linked to the construction of our buildings are unavoidable and we offset these by planting one tree per sqm of building footprint.

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity

Since 2015, more than 50% of our developments have been on brownfield land, transforming older sites into modern spaces for our customers. Where this is not possible, we offset our impact on the environment. If we still need to develop on a greenfield site, we commit to investing 1€/sqm of land in projects that protect and enhance biodiversity in the local region.

We also involve ecologists in construction. From installing green roofs to save energy and provide wildlife habitats, to creating urban forests, our landscaping strategy is dedicated to conserving and improving the natural world around our developments. We even install beehives to aid pollination of native species.

By protecting the biodiversity on our sites, Goodman is increasing the ecological value of the locations we develop.


Quick fact

Every single minute about 36 football fields' worth of trees are lost to deforestation


Forest-loss accounts for around 11% of global warming. Since 1990, at least 129 million hectares of forest have disappeared. Trees are one of the most powerful weapons in the battle to tackle climate change and help to slow down global warming.

By planting trees, we aim to offset our unavoidable carbon emissions. Beyond absorbing CO2 trees offer many environmental benefits. They clean and regenerate air, filter water, prevent flooding and soil erosion, offer shade and provide habitats for many different animal species.

Working with partners

To help us achieve and maximise our biodiversity and tree planting targets, Goodman works with a number of carefully selected partners who can provide local expertise in their field. In Europe, we currently work with partners across France, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium:

  • France: ONF (Office National des forêts)
  • Spain: Bosques Sostenibles
  • Netherlands: Buitenfonds - Staatsbosbeheer
  • Belgium: Urban Forest

Follow this link to discover our forestation and biodiversity projects 

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