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Developing circular buildings

Even though sustainability is totally integrated into Goodman’s day-to-day business — we achieved carbon neutrality in 2019 — our goal is to further reduce our ecological impact to an absolute minimum.

To this end, and in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, we have established ambitious targets to develop truly circular logistics buildings. These include maximising the sustainable development of our sites by making a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to identify ways to limit our carbon emissions, and pushing for even greater sustainability in our operations.

We are currently working on 5 important areas

Giving a second life to brownfield sites

Our ambition is clear: we want 100% of our developments to be on brownfield land by 2021. This is already the case for 50% of our projects. In doing so, we can reduce our environmental impact and revitalise and repurpose often contaminated industrial wasteland leaving green spaces undeveloped. Moreover, it restores and improves the biodiversity of the area. Brownfield sites are good for our customers as well, as they are often found near metropolitan areas. As a result, workers are more readily available and the transport infrastructure is already in place.

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Minimising our environmental impact

For any new development, Goodman contributes to global carbon neutrality by planting one tree per sqm of building footprint and investing €1 per sqm of land in a biodiversity project in the  area. This, like our development of brownfield sites, ensures biodiversity is maintained and protected on site.

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Quick fact

The building sector — worldwide — currently accounts for approximately 40% of all GHG emissions. The sector aims to cut this level by 30% before 2030, and by 80% before 2050. Goodman recognises its responsibility in this matter, and is taking actions to meet and outperform the sector’s objectives.

Optimising energy use and preserving resources

Ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions have further galvanised the entire organisation to examine where energy and resources can be saved. A series of initiatives have been taken to diminish our impact on the planet including, but not limited to, smart meters, solar panels, more efficient HVAC systems and LED lighting, as well as improved waste and water management.

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Quick fact

In our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint still further, all our newly developed buildings are sustainably insulated, fully optimised for natural light, equipped with energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems, and aiming at being 100% powered by renewable energy.

A safe and healthy environment

As Goodman wants to provide a healthy and positive environment for our customers’ employees, we are always finding new ways of raising health and well-being standards. We want our logistics facilities to be attractive, safe and secure.

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Assessment of our own operations

Since 2019, we have calculated our carbon footprint with an independent expert, as over and above reducing emissions at our properties, we also wanted to tackle the emissions within our own operations. While we are proud to have been certified as a CO2 neutral organisation, we want to reduce our emissions to an incompressible level and reach the lowest level we can. As a result, we are already transitioning to a 100% electric fleet, reducing our energy consumption and offsetting any excess emissions by supporting climate-certified projects.

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